SoJ Investment in JDC

27 Jun 2017

There continues to be significant misunderstanding about JDC using taxpayers money and confusion over whether the money / land transferred into JDC is public or not. We hope this blog will clarify this misunderstanding.

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Lee Henry responds to article by Michael Pré - 'Gravy train just rolls on'

16 Jun 2017

Further to the recent article written by Michael du Pré, published in the JEP on Friday 9 June, we would like to once again correct Mr du Pré's inaccuracies.

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Timelapse videos of No.4 IFC Jersey progress (pt.2)

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Lee Henry's response to JEP Letter by Roger Bale

22 Jul 2016

I feel compelled to correct the misunderstanding and misstatement of Roger Bale’s letter in the JEP published on 20 July. You can see the Mr Bale’s letter and my response below.

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Timelapse videos of No.4 JIFC progress

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JIFC - Protecting what we have and providing new opportunities

02 Jun 2016

We’ve been seeing a lot of the public’s comments and concerns over social media about the JIFC and there appears to be some confusion that the project is only meant for new businesses. This is simply not true! This blog aims to clear up the JIFC’s purpose and identify the positive aspects for Jersey

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Lee Henry’s response to statements from Dave Cabeldu of Save Our Shoreline Jersey

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College Gardens – Breathing new life into a part of our Island’s history

27 May 2016

With our College Gardens now underway, we feel it is important to discuss the history of the project and explore some facts and figures, while highlighting the many positive aspects for Jersey.

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