Site Investigation Results and Our Next Steps

16 Sep 2015

Following the lab analysis of soil samples from the building 4 site, we explain the results and lay out our next steps to ensure best practice

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Forward-Thinking on Flooding

21 Aug 2015

Here we discuss the measures that were undertaken to mitigate flood risk at the JIFC.

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Economic Certainty Through Flexibility

07 Aug 2015

Here we outline our phased approach and how it enables flexibility and progress while minimising risk.

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JDC The Facts: Part 2

30 Jul 2015

We give answers to the 3 most commonly asked questions since work on Building 4 started.

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Safe Construction, Safe Environment

17 Jul 2015

Here we explain all the measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety as construction of Building 4 continues.

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The Facts: Jersey International Finance Centre

12 May 2015

A major talking point on the island, here we address ten of the most commonly asked questions about Jersey's proposed International Finance Centre.

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