Jersey Evening Post Q&A - JDC Support the Pride of Jersey Awards


Why are you keen to be involved in the Pride of Jersey awards?

We were delighted to be invited to support this fantastic community event. It is a great opportunity to be involved and felt it was aligned with our vision for the future.

These awards give us an opportunity to celebrate remarkable individuals who have gone beyond all expectations and have helped to enhance the lives of others around them.

We have a responsibility to ensure the effectiveness of our commitment will make a difference to our island’s long-term future and the future prosperity of Jersey’s economic stability and success.


Why is it important to recognise individuals who do good for the community in Jersey?

It’s great to recognise those who have gone the extra mile, its deeply gratifying to know there are people in our society who have perhaps faced incredible adversity in their lives, yet are able to overcome those hardships with determination and dignity.

A huge number of individuals do amazing work often unnoticed in our community.  It’s great to see those individuals noticed and appreciated for what they have achieved.


What is it about this category that associates well with your company brand, image or ethos?

As we are investing for future generations – whether it’s affordable housing, or creating an International Finance Centre that will be recognised on the global platform. Our purpose is to ensure we are supporting economic stability and growth for the benefit of all islanders and in particular our children’s future and prosperity, ensuring they can live in a happy, stable environment. This is why we are delighted to sponsor the Pride of Jersey ‘Child of the year’ award.


What will you be looking for in this year’s winner?

We are looking for a child or teenager under the age of 17 who has gone beyond all expectations and proved themselves to be exceptional. The 2016 child of the year may have raised money for a good cause, or have helped to improve the lives of those around them within their community. Perhaps a determined entrepreneur, someone who has a positive approach to life, or an aspiring and well-balanced individual who has a selfless attitude.

Please click the link here to submit a nomination for Child of the Year. 

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