Lee Henry responds to letter from Chairman of Save our Shoreline Jersey, Michael du Pre

Mr du Pré, along with his colleagues from Save Our Shoreline Jersey continually misinform the public about the Jersey Development Company’s (JDC) activities through Social Media despite JDC correcting the position via the same channels.


The comments about the Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) are incorrect. Local building contractor, Camerons met the CEMP requirements (section 5.4.3) prior to starting the excavation. Two dust monitoring stations were installed on the site on 20th July 2015 and the data is collected daily, independently checked weekly and independently audited on a monthly basis.


Independent Airborne Asbestos Breathable Fibre Monitoring was undertaken during the excavations and piling works, in accordance with Health and Safety regulations. The records of this monitoring during this period show a concentration of fibre lower than the permissible level.


Environmental Health, in discussion with JDC and at JDC’s cost, ordered an additional dust monitoring station outside the site boundary. This additional monitoring station was beyond the CEMP requirements and unfortunately, due to delivery issues, it did not arrive at the commencement of the excavations. This additional monitoring station was not a CEMP requirement.  Save Our Shoreline Jersey have been told this on several occasions but disappointingly continue to misinform the public.


Camerons also has strict measures in place to control dust (all excavations were dampened down in accordance with the Contractor CEMP (Section 2.1.3) and any potentially contaminated excavations that were stockpiled on site were appropriately covered to prevent windblown dust). 


The dust cloud Mr du Pré mentions was created when the piling rig drilled through granite boulders that form the century-old seawall.  This was granite dust and was not contaminated material.


From commencement of excavations to date, the dust monitors have been in operation and all readings have shown that airborne particles are within the stated CEMP action levels. These readings confirm that the control measures undertaken on site are working. Save Our Shoreline Jersey’s frequent comments are scaremongering which can cause unnecessary worry and concern.


Mr du Pré also claims official cautions have been issued to SoJDC. Official cautions would not be issued to JDC, they would be issued to the site contractor. JDC were made aware of these claims via misinformation being spread on Social Media, JDC immediately made enquiries and established that Camerons have not received any official cautions. A letter had been sent to them notifying them of a complaint regarding water that had escaped from the site (not dust) which was as a result of a drill blockage during the piling works and subsequent projection of water above the hoarding line.  At that time, the piling rig was drilling in the bedrock where no contamination was encountered. As such, the water spilled on the public domain was not contaminated.


Best practice is being followed in accordance with the CEMP and appropriate risk mitigation measures are in place. The site is strictly monitored to ensure the site personnel and the public’s safety and any non-conformity is reported to the authorities in accordance with legislation. 


The construction programme is progressing well – the bulk excavation and piling works were completed in mid-November. Any dust or noise persisting in the area is likely to come from other building projects currently underway in the Esplanade area.


Lee Henry

Managing Director

Jersey Development Company