Lee Henry's response to JEP letter by Roger Bale

Following a letter in today’s Jersey Evening Post (JEP, 8th April) from Roger Bale – followed up by local social media comments, JDC would like to explain the process for the appointment of a board director at The States of Jersey Development Company Limited (SoJDC).

All Non-Executive Director appointments (with the exception of the Ministerial Appointee) must be approved by the States Assembly (States Appointees) and such appointments firstly need the approval of the Company’s Shareholder, the Minister for Treasury and Resources, who, if in support, will lodge a proposition to the States Assembly recommending the appointment.

This proposition can be found on the States Assembly website (reference P.24/2021, the link can be found here ). The proposition details the following with regard the search process:

“After an extensive and targeted search, which included both local and national advertising (including the “Woman on Boards” website), the process resulted in 6 candidates being eligible for short-listing. SoJDC received a total of 48 applications, 17 of which were female candidates and 31 were male candidates. Whilst the majority of candidates were based in England (29) and Jersey (15), applications were also received from Ireland (2), the Isle of Man (1) and the United States of America (1). All shortlisted candidates were female.”

The vacancy for SoJDC’s Board Appointment was also advertised for five days in the JEP as well as featuring on JDC’s website and communicated on SoJDC’s LinkedIn profile.

The Board of SoJDC were keen to attract a particular skill set when appointing a new NED, focused around Place Making and Regeneration, and a candidate who would bring with them an extensive track record, network and knowledge of best practice, innovation and creativity in this space.

The role itself attracted a significant amount of interest from candidates both within Jersey and from other locations. A small number of candidates either based in Jersey or with a connection to the Island were longlisted by the Board for interview, which was conducted by recruitment search consultants, Berwick Partners, who have particular focus and expertise in this sector.  However, following these interviews, the six candidates recommended to go forward for final interview with the strongest and most relevant experience came from a number of locations outside of the Island.

There is a national focus and commitment to improving diversity on company boards and in particular addressing the gender imbalance on boards that tend to be male dominated. We are delighted to have attracted Carolyn Dwyer and hope that the States Assembly gives its full support to her appointment when it comes up for debate later this month.