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Start Date: November 2016
Duration: 2 Years
Architect: MJP / Godel Architects

The second building at IFC Jersey provides 69,000 square feet of high quality Grade A office space achieves a BREEAM Excellent rating.

A key advantage includes the benefit of natural light on all four elevations. Studies have shown an increase of productivity/performance with employees in environments meeting this standard, as well as occupiers looking for other operating efficiencies.

IFC forms a new extension to the existing central business district and will establish a clear identity for the island’s premier industry and strengthen the connection between the historic town centre and the waterfront.

50% of the development will become high quality civic space and will include a new public square and a new public park, as well as delivering a re-landscaped Esplanade.

Building 5 - IFC Jersey

  • Building 5 - 68,818 square feet of brand new business space
  • Lettings from 3,000 square feet
  • Floor to ceiling windows on all four sides
  • Highly efficient and flexible working spaces for new and expanding businesses
  • Environmentally sustainable – rated BREEAM ‘Excellent’
  • Designed by an award-winning team of architects and landscape designers
  • Over 50% of IFC Jersey will become high quality civic space


  • Completed August 2018

Site location