Trenton Square

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Start Date: March 2018
Duration: 5 Months
Architect: Guarda Landscapes

In 2015 planning approval was granted for IFC 5 (second building at IFC) together with the associated public realm and new public square, the first significant space in St Helier since 2011. Construction of Trenton Square commenced in March 2018 and was completed in August 2018 along with the completion of IFC 5.

Trenton Square and the surrounding landscape sets a new standard in public realm focussing on connectivity, movement and public space, providing an attractive and inviting pedestrian experience to the waterfront.

The square welcomed the Mayor of Trenton, Reed Gusciora and his delegation of politicians and senior officials from New Jersey on Wednesday 8th May 2019, for the official inauguration of Trenton Square.

The square incorporates a number of environmental and energy measures as part of the development energy strategy. These technologies serve the public realm and include the following:

  • Hybrid turf, minimising water consumption
  • Seasonally managed irrigation system
  • Lighting fixtures with controls and low energy lamps
  • Planting that are appropriate to an exposed environment
  • Surplus Sea Wall granite was recycled and cut to make kerbs