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Book your Ice Skating & Curling
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Skate session prices:

Junior (age 3 – 11)           £8 per session

Adults (ages 12+)             £12 per session

Skate Aids – Free of charge and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Curling section - up to 2 teams of 4 per session

£48 per team (4 players)

  • All Ice Skate enquiries please talk to the team at the Ice rink, Weighbridge Place, during opening hours.
  • Ticket changes can only be made in-person at the rink and cannot be made by phone or email.
  • We recommend utilsing non-peak times at the rink to make enquiries such as ticket changes.
  • Before making your online booking, please check you have the correct day and session time.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Enquiries only (no ticket changes) call 07797 844238, between 1030am - 3pm.

Daily Public Skate Sessions and Curling Sessions

Session 1

10.00am - 11.00am


11.00am - 11.15am

Session 2

11.15am - 12.15pm


12.15pm - 12.30pm

Session 3

12.30pm - 1.30pm


1.30pm - 1.45pm

Session 4

1.45pm - 2.45pm


2.45pm - 3.00pm

Session 5

3.00pm - 4.00pm


4.00pm - 4.15pm

Session 6

4.15pm - 5.15pm


5.15pm - 5.30pm

Session 7

5.30pm - 6.30pm


6.30pm - 6.45pm

Session 8

6.45pm - 7.45pm (Fri & Sat Under 16s Xtreme)


7.45pm - 8.00pm

Session 9

8.00pm - 9.00pm  (‘theme nights Thu-Sun’)


9.00pm - 9.15pm

Session 10

9.15pm - 10.15pm (‘theme nights Fri & Sat)

Themed Sessions - Thursday to Sunday:




Retro Skate night, hits from the 80s 7pm - 9.15pm (sessions 8 & 9)


Under 16s Xtreme 6.45 pm - 7.45pm (session 8)


Weekend anthems 8pm - 10.15pm (sessions 9 & 10)


Under 16s Xtreme 6.45pm - 7.45pm (session 8)


Party night 8pm - 10.15pm (sessions 9 & 10)


Requests night 7pm - 9.15pm (sessions 8 & 9)

Special Sessions

Monday to Friday

Sessions 1 - 4 Open to schools / clubs /  group bookings

Monday to Wednesday

Corporate night availability until 15 December 2023.

Group Bookings / Exclusive hire

Exclusive hire is available from 20th November onwards Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings excluding school holidays.

There is the option of either choosing a one-hour session or the full evening from 6pm-10pm.

Private hire includes:

  • Ice Skating
  • Curling Rink
  • Broomball
  • Food and Bar facilities

Maximum capacity of the ice rink is 200 people.

Please contact us at for further information on prices and to make a booking for groups over 50.

Children’s Parties

For children’s parties you can either privately book out the venue or book standard tickets via our booking page.

You are welcome to bring your own food or if you would prefer to have catering this can be arranged through contacting:

There is also the option of themed sessions every second Sunday where children can interact with Superheroes and Princesses following their session.

Curling Sessions

Wear warm comfortable clothing and flat, grippy shoes/trainers. Skates is not required. Equipment is supplied. Rules are available to view at the rink.

Team of 4 players per game (The curling ally has room for two teams of 4 = 8 players per session).

Rules of Curling


Teams of four take it in turns to curl two rocks towards the target area with the scores being counted after all 16 rocks have been sent down the ice.


International matches have a time limit of 60 minutes per side with two timeouts lasting a minute each. 10 minutes and one timeout are permitted per extra end in the event of a tie.


The stone must be released its front edge crosses a line called the hog. Foul throws are removed from the ice before they have come to rest or in contact with other rocks.


Sweeping may be done by two members of the team up to the tee line, whilst after that point only one player can brush. After the tee one player from the opposing side may also sweep


A stone touched or moved when in play by a player or their broom will either be replaced or removed depending on the situation.


The team to go first is decided by coin toss, “draw-to-the-button” contest or, in Olympic competition using win-loss records. Subsequently the team that failed to score in the previous end has the advantage of going last, called the hammer throw.


A team may concede if they feel they cannot win, although depending on the event and stage of event they may have to wait until a certain number of ends have been completed.


Fair play is of huge importance so there is a culture of self-refereeing with regards fouls and this is a big part of curling.

Sunday Superheroes! - Book your kids birthday party

Your favourite Superhero and Ice Princess will be at the Ice rink on the following dates / times:

  • Sunday 3rd December
  • Sunday 17th December
  • Sunday 7th January
  • Sunday 21st January
  • Sunday 4th February
  • Sunday 18th February

The hour following Ice Skate Session 1 – 11.00am to 12noon

The hour following Ice Skate Session 4 – 2.45pm to 3.45pm

To book your children’s birthday party, please book standard ice skate sessions on-line.

You are welcome to bring your own food to the rink. If you require any catering needs, please contact

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