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Annual Report & Accounts 2021 STATS

26 Sep 2022

JDC's Financial, Social and Environmental returns since 2021, from a Shareholder capital base of £42.5m (123% return on equity).

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JDC's outputs since 2012

14 Sep 2022

In today’s JEP (Wednesday 14 September), our final advertorial summarises JDC’s outputs since 2012.

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Our Commitment to Owner-Occupiers and First-Time Buyers

13 Sep 2022

In today’s JEP we discuss our commitment to Owner-Occupiers on our future residential developments, focussing on First-Time Buyers, Shared Equity and Right-Sizing Buyers.

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Building a better Jersey (2)

07 Sep 2022

Our second article in today’s JEP, focusses on how the Waterfront plans have been shaped by the public and housing solutions that work for Jersey.

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Building a better Jersey

06 Sep 2022

JDC are often asked by islanders what benefits our work and investment have brought to Jersey. We’re pleased to respond to this as well as many other questions.

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JDC sponsors CI Pride 2022

30 Aug 2022

We are delighted to once again support Channel Island Pride, which takes place at People’s Park on Saturday 10 September. CI Pride gathers the community together to celebrate every individual as their true selves.

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JDC continues its sponsorship of the Marathon Mile

24 Aug 2022

We are pleased to once again sponsor the ‘Marathon Mile’ forming part of the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon weekend.

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Creative Spaces - Live music at the Waterfront

03 Aug 2022

We are delighted to support the Government of Jersey with a two month programme of free public art with live music, street dance, plays and films at public venues, which will include Les Jardins de La Mer and the Weighbridge.

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