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Why JDC supports events in St Helier

Online comments have been made asking why a development company owned by the States of Jersey should be involved with events. We would like to clarify a few points.

One of the Jersey Development Company’s (JDC) objectives is to promote the St Helier Waterfront estate. JDC directly organises, or facilitates a number of events that attracts tens of thousands of people to the Waterfront and its environs each year. JDC has organised events such as the Big Bonfire firework displays and the hugely successful Monster Truck Show.

JDC also works alongside the Parish of St Helier to assist in organising events such as the Portuguese Festival, Polish Food Festival, Fête de St Helier, Havres des Pas Seaside Festival, the Fête de Noué, Lantern Parade and Christmas lights switch on. All of these events would not be able to take place if it wasn’t for the company’s assistance, this includes help by staff member Jason Maindonald, JDC’s Estates Manager. Jason has wide experience in organising and facilitating the logistics to all of these events and volunteers much of his own time to ensure these events happen for the parish.

The JDC Events Facebook page is solely to promote events in the parish, whether it’s a JDC event, an event which is on the land owned by the company and hosted by another operator or organiser, or a St Helier Parish event. These events are organised for the benefit of the island’s community enabling locals and visitors to enjoy fun and exciting events which brings life and vibrancy to St Helier.

If an operator or a charitable organisation requests our help in making an event happen who may be unable to pay the fees of a professional event organiser, we help, because it’s what any one should do, especially when it benefits the community and it’s JDC’s contribution to corporate social responsibility.

With regards to the Arctic Village, JDC was asked by the Parish of St Helier to allow an ice rink and Christmas village to be located at the Weighbridge. When the incumbent operator declined the site, JDC was then asked to source an operator. We contacted an operator who regularly provides entertainment events to the island and has a proven track record of success. The operator is not subsided by the tax payer and JDC has no financial exposure to the event. The operator is heavily investing in making the Arctic Village a wonderful event for the community to enjoy. To ensure success, JDC has assisted both the parish, operator and local traders with the Christmas market stalls, setting up the ice skate tickets booking system and the marketing. As the operator is not based in Jersey, Jason Maindonald is the main contact for local enquiries and liaises directly with the operator.

The parish and JDC’s objectives are to bring life and vibrancy to the heart of St Helier which will benefit locals, visitors and St Helier retailers over the Christmas period.

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