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Closure of Esplanade Car Park

The short stay shoppers’ car park at The Esplanade will close permanently from Tuesday 5 October. The reason for the closure is because building works are due to commence in October for the third building at the International Finance Centre (IFC 6) which will include the extension of Trenton Square. 

During construction works, the 520 parking spaces in Les Jardins car park will remain. Other shopper parking spaces in the area include 521 spaces at Sand Street car park and 300 spaces at the Waterfront car park.

Additional short stay disabled parking will be created in Sand Street car park and additional long stay parking for the disabled will be created at Les Jardins.

The Jersey Development Company (JDC) in partnership with the Infrastructure, Housing and Environment Department (IHE), created a 520-space car park in 2015 at Les Jardins, as a direct replacement for the Esplanade car park whilst staged development of the IFC took place.

At the time, IHE asked JDC to keep an additional 190 spaces at the Esplanade for general public parking as a temporary arrangement until refurbishment works were completed at Sand Street car park. The temporary parking spaces have remained available long after Sand Street works have been completed but will now close on 5 October.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Deputy Kevin Lewis, said: “I’d like to thank the Jersey Development Company for enabling us to keep the carpark open until this point, which gave us time to refurbish some of our multi-story carparks. There was always going to come a time when they needed to close off the carpark to begin work on the next stage of the International Finance Centre.

“We know the nearby Sand Street carpark has spare capacity to accommodate regular users, and on Level Four of the carpark we will be putting in additional disabled parking, along with nine extra parent/child bays. We’ll also put extra disabled parking spaces at Les Jardins carpark, with additional motorcycle parking created on the Esplanade.”

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