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Esplanade Quarter Masterplan – advisors appointed

Jersey Development Company (JDC) welcomes the appointment of the Design Council to support the Department of Environment in its review of the Esplanade Quarter Masterplan and looks forward to working with them.

JDC considers that there are alternative design approaches to delivering connectivity which would be less disruptive and more cost effective that the current proposal but equally compelling. 

Waterfronts around the world are beacons of modernity that create economic growth, deliver new communities for people to live and provide amenities for people to enjoy. St. Helier’s Waterfront needs to deliver to expectations and positively add to St. Helier’s built environment.

JDC, as the developer of the Waterfront area, is firmly committed to delivering a high quality and well-designed scheme.  The delivery of the first office building in the IFC highlights that commitment and JDC will be launching a new residential development on the Waterfront later this year.


Department of the Environment

News release

Esplanade Quarter Masterplan – advisers appointed

Work to review and update the planning blueprint for Jersey’s Esplanade Quarter has moved forward with the appointment of an impartial, independent design body to support the Department of the Environment’s work.

The existing Esplanade Quarter Masterplan was published in April 2008. The decision to review and update it to provide a sound basis for future decision making follows a recommendation by an independent planning inspector and the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel.

Design Council has been chosen to provide specialist support to the Department of the Environment’s work on the masterplan. It is the leading authority on the use of strategic design, and works with planners, governments, developers, and design teams across the UK and internationally.

Design Council has established an independent panel that includes architects and surveyors, and specialists in areas spanning urban design, transport, engineering, accessibility and stakeholder engagement. The panel will support the Department of the Environment using a tried and tested, impartial process for design advice and guidance, to help meet the States objectives for an integrated, distinctive and sustainable masterplan.  

Minister for the Environment, Deputy Steve Luce said“We’re looking forward to working with Design Council. I’m sure that we can benefit tremendously from the collective skill, knowledge and experience that their advisors will bring to the review.

“They will act as a ‘critical friend’ as we move this important project forward to ensure that we produce an imaginative, inclusive and workable masterplan for the Esplanade Quarter in line with our strategic priority of regenerating St Helier.”

Design Council’s Executive Director for Architecture, Built Environment and Design, Clare Devine said “We are delighted to be supporting the States of Jersey in the development of the Esplanade Quarter.

“The Design Advice Panel will take into account the background and context of the masterplan, and will be seeking to collaborate with stakeholders and support high quality and strategic design thinking inthe development of the masterplan to help the States of Jersey realise a vibrant, viable and popular new Esplanade Quarter.”

A draft masterplan will be put out for consultation and scrutiny before a revised Esplanade Quarter Masterplan is lodged for debate in the States.


About Design Council Cabe

Design Council is a charity and is recognised as a leading authority on the use of strategic design. We use design as a strategic tool to tackle major societal challenges, drive economic growth and innovation, and improve the quality of the built environment.

In April 2011, CABE, the government’s advisor on Architecture and the Built Environment merged with Design Council and is now referred to as Design Council Cabe. The Design Council Cabe team works with local planning authorities, governments, developers, planners, design teams, NHS trusts and the communities they serve to support the delivery of well-designed development at all scales.

Our approach is people-centred and enables the delivery of positive social, environmental and economic change. We address all aspects of design including product, service, user experience and design in the built environment. We are the UK government’s adviser on design.

Cabe Design Review is an independent and impartial process for evaluating the quality of significant developments, urban extensions and major infrastructure projects across England. It is a tried and tested method of ensuring the highest possible quality of development.

The impartial process offers designers and clients invaluable feedback from fellow multidisciplinary professionals. It provides local authorities and developers with the best possible independent advice – reducing risk and expense by identifying weaknesses early on, or giving confidence that the design is on the right track.

The process is managed to the high standard established in The 10 principles of Design Review – co-authored by Design Council Cabe, Royal Town Planning Institute, Royal Institute of British Architects and the Landscape Institute.

Esplanade Quarter Masterplan (April 2008)

Principal objectives

  • Integrate the old town with the waterfront and address the separation presently caused by the road:
  • Create a distinctive mixed use quarter in St Helier of quality, which makes a step change in design and appearance
  • Create a new office quarter to serve the financial services industry
  • Provide new homes for local residents
  • Create new areas of public space that provide a real sense of place for residents and visitors to enjoy; and to
  • Create new opportunities to broaden the offer within the tourism and visitor sector, providing a new hotel and self-catering accommodation.

Esplanade Quarter - Building 5, Esplanade, St Helier planning application (P/2014/2192) appeal decision: See MD-PE-2016-0072 and the associated inspector’s report in relation to P/2014/2192


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