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IFC 5 Construction update - Feb 2018

Please read our latest construction update as of 27 February 2018.

The façade work is in progress, with the weather toughness complete up to the fifth floor.

The ground floor is now 80% glazed. Roof membrane is now complete and the insulation is in progress.

M&E first fix completed in the first and second floors and in progress on the other floors, including the risers and basement.

The blockworks are completed on each floor except the ground floor.

Plasterboard partitions and dry lining are in progress on every floor except the ground floor.

Screed completed in the basement, first & second floor and in progress on the third.

Access flooring completed on the second and fourth floor and in progress on the third.

The suspended ceiling works have started on the first, second and third floors.

Installation of the roof plant is in progress. External works (services and kerbs) are in progress including drainage works in Trenton Square.

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