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JDC Sponsor 'Child of the Year' at Pride of Jersey Awards 2022

We are delighted to sponsor the ‘Child of the Year’ award for the sixth consecutive year at the forthcoming Jersey Evening Post (JEP) Pride of Jersey Awards 2022.

These awards give us an opportunity to celebrate remarkable individuals who have gone beyond all expectations and have helped to enhance the lives of others around them.

The JEP will be asking their readers over the next six weeks to nominate those people that they feel are most worthy of being considered for one of the awards.

As a government-owned development company, part of our remit is to add value for the public of Jersey by investing in our community and environment. Place making and creating communities is at the heart of JDC and the Company’s vision is “To build a better Jersey”. Our purpose is to ensure we are supporting economic stability and growth for the benefit of all islanders, in particular our children’s future and prosperity, ensuring they can live in a happy, stable environment.  The Company is also supportive of the Government of Jersey’s strategic objective of putting children first. For these reasons, we are delighted to sponsor the Pride of Jersey ‘Child of the Year’ award.

These past three years have been particularly challenging for the community with the COVID-19 pandemic. As the 2020 awards was held in 2021, we awarded all three finalists as worthy winners, each receiving £1,000 prize money. For this particular award, we hope more nominees will apply from various age groups under the age of 16, someone who has gone beyond all expectations and proved themselves to be exceptional.

This years’ potential ‘child of the year’ may have helped to improve the lives of those around them and done something extraordinary to help others or perhaps raised money for a good cause. Or the individual may have demonstrated resilience to leadership at school, a club or perhaps has excelled at sport, the arts or has contributed to protecting the environment. Someone who has a positive approach to life, as an aspiring and well-balanced person with a selfless attitude, or an individual who has overcome adversity.

Nominations can be made by filling out one of the forms which will be regularly printed in the JEP or by visiting

Nomination entries close on Monday 8 August 2022.

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