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Masterplan - A visual record of Finance

We are thrilled to hear of a new exciting project in the making, focussing on the economic growth and development of Jersey's Finance Industry, which has now become one of the world's leading offshore International Finance Centres.

Masterplan is a five-year project using photography, film and archival research to tell the story of Jersey's economic growth and development in the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Jersey's economy has experienced a transformation from one, based upon agricultural and tourism, to the financial services industry, which today commands over 50% of total economic activity.

Masterplan is a collaboration between Martin Toft and Gareth Syvret at Archisle: The Jersey Contemporary Photography programme, hosted by Societe Jersiaise Photographic Archive and award winning design partner, Kummer & Herrman.

They are currently seeking partners who share their vision and understanding for a visual record of the development and impact of the Jersey Finance Industry. To find out more, please visit 

The Societe Jersiaise was founded in 1873 to research and study the historical landscape, culture and biodiversity of the island of Jersey for the benefit of the people of the Island, a role it continues to fulfil today nearly 150 years after its inception.

Archisle: The Jersey Contemporary Photography Programme aims to promote contemporary photography through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, education and commissions.

(Photo example of proposed exhibition)

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