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  • Jun 23rd 2018 - School photography subject on St Helier's future

Supporting students with 'Future of St Helier community arts & education project

We are delighted to support a Masterplan community arts and education project with A-Level photography students from Hautlieu. The project based on the theme ‘Future of St Helier’ entails exploring the specific areas, streets and neighbourhoods in St Helier through photography, archives and research in the build environment, urban living, town planning, land use and regeneration projects.

Students will research historical town records, such as Masterplans and the current review of the Future of St Helier, as an inspiration for their own photographic work. They will then explore and experience diverse areas of town using photography as a tool to communicate how they feel about St Helier's future.

Students images will be edited into a 48-page newspaper supplement which will be printed and distributed with the JEP in September. The newspaper design will also become a street art installation on the hoarding at IFC Jersey adjacent to the new public square.

Collaboration with Camerons, Societe Jersiaise Photographic Archive, Archisle: The Jersey Contemporary Photography Programme and Masterplan project.

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