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New public access to Fort Regent from Snow Hill

A new passenger lift and bridge connection from Snow Hill Car Park to Fort Regent is being proposed by the Jersey Development Company (JDC) following a request from the States of Jersey’s Regeneration Steering Group (RSG). The proposals also include improvements to the public realm in the Snow Hill and Hill Street area.

If approved, this will be one of the early phases of the works to regenerate Fort Regent as part of the Government of Jersey’s re-development proposals.

A feasibility study outlined several constraints that needed to be considered, to ensure the best mode of transport and location was chosen to connect Fort Regent to the Snow Hill and Hill Street area.

Careful consideration was given to the effect a passenger lift and connecting bridge to Fort Regent would have on Hill Street, which is one of the oldest streets in St. Helier and contains several listed buildings. Similarly, Fort Regent’s ramparts that are visible high above Hill Street are also listed as historic structures.

Other factors the feasibility study took into consideration were:

  • The bearing strength of the Hill Street rockface and the significant works to stabilise it and make safe
  • The stormwater cavern and the associated below ground engineering and pumping apparatus
  • Ecological and environmental considerations
  • Ongoing costs for operating and maintaining any new transportation infrastructure.


The conclusions drawn from the studies were that the most appropriate mode of transport would be a passenger lift and bridge link located in Snow Hill Car Park between the Stormwater Cavern’s entrance and Hill Street.

Working closely with officers from the Infrastructure, Housing and Environment Department (IHE) and with the approval of the RSG, a detailed planning application has now been submitted to the Planning Department, to install a lift and bridge link from Snow Hill Car Park up to the Fort.

The project will also include significant improvements to the Public Realm in Hill Street and Snow Hill Car Park, providing an enhanced experience for pedestrians and cyclists transiting through the Snow Hill area.

The Chief Minister, Senator John Le Fondré, as Chair of the RSG commented: “I am very pleased that a solution has been found to create pedestrian access from Snow Hill to Fort Regent. This application is a major first step towards the Government’s commitment to regenerate Fort Regent and I am looking forward to the wider regeneration plans being developed later this year, following the appointment of the Master-planning design team.”

JDC appointed landscape specialists Gillespies, to ensure appropriate focus was given to the wider landscape improvements and connectivity in the Hill Street and Snow Hill area.

Key elements of the scheme are:

  • Improved hard and soft landscaping
  • Widened step connection from Hill Street 
  • Embankment planting and bleacher seating
  • Improved lighting, signage and street furniture
  • Relocate and enclose (with terrace above) the current refuse facility
  • Install a ‘green roof’ and reclad the public WCs and sub-station building
  • Retention of the taxi rank pick‐up and drop‐off point
  • Upgrades to the bus shelter 
  • Relocation of the motorcycle parking to an undercover facility in Green Street’s Car Park


The Constable of St. Helier, Simon Crowcroft, said: “This offers an exciting opportunity for town residents and workers to easily access Fort Regent. The Fort is a valuable asset for St. Helier and enhancements to the external landscaping will coincide with the delivery of the lift.”

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