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Re-planting of trees at the Waterfront

Twenty-five mature trees which included five Pinus (Stone) Pines measuring up to eight metres high have been dug out and moved to make way for a residential and retail development on the Waterfront next to the Radisson Blu Hotel.

A special mechanical spade, which was brought over from the UK, is being used to transfer the twenty-year old Acers and Stone pines from one spot on the Horizon plot to an area 50 metres away.

Environmental considerations were at the forefront of this operation, we wanted to ensure these fully established trees were preserved and therefore we enlisted the assistance of specialists Belle Fleurs Garden Consultancy and Plant Supply with Glendale Civic trees from the UK to help carry out the works. It is believed this is the first time a mechanical spade has been used in Jersey to transfer trees. Moving each tree – including its root ball, takes approximately one hour.

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