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Super League Triathlon - A huge success!

With the success of the Super League Triathlon in September, we are thrilled to share some amazing photographs of this prestigious two day event which took place at The Waterfront, St Helier.

The Super League Triathlon transformed the waterfront to an exciting fast-paced sporting competition and we were delighted to assist Super League and 3D events with the facilitation of this world-class event. Featuring 50 of the world’s best triathletes, including 25 Olympians. Images of the island was televised throughout the world to 147 countries and to an audience of approximately 375 million people across the globe.

We are keen to encourage more public activity and events at the waterfront area, and welcome the opportunity of more events to take place in the future, whether it's small community or charitable gatherings or large-scale events such as the Super League Triathlon, which was organised by a professional team.

We do hope Super League Triathlon will return to Jersey for another exciting fast-paced and action-packed event.

A huge thank you to photographers commissioned for this spectacular event; Studio M and Col Morley.

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