Testimonials for Horizon Purchasers

Miss H - Horizon EAST - Owner

We heard about the development through word of mouth and through JDC advertising. Having lived in town for quite some time we thought that it would be nice to still live near to town amenities but slightly less centrally which is why we thought that it would be nice to live at The Waterfront. Initially it was our intention to just have a look to see what the JDC could offer as we knew that the time had come to get onto the property ladder. But within a day we emailed Lisa and asked her to reserve us the lovely 2-bedroom apartment that we now own. 

As first-time buyers we were quite apprehensive about everything that buying a first home entailed. This was soon alleviated by the excellent support of Lisa who took us through the process every step of the way and made things as easy and stress free as possible. We paid our deposit upfront, but it was nice knowing that the monthly interest free payment plan was in place should we need it. We have friends who bought their properties using this option, and it meant that they could carry on saving whilst paying their deposit in bitesize chunks (which is great for young people and first-time buyers wishing to get onto the property ladder). 

The idea of buying off plan was very exciting given that all we had as a reference point were the plans we were given when the development began. When we saw our apartment for the first time in January 2023, we didn’t know what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of space and storage we had in an apartment that is extremely light and airy. Friends and family who come to see our apartment have made comments about how lovely they think it is (some are even considering buying one having now seen ours). People have commented about how light and spacious it is and about the nice feel of the apartment and surrounding area. People have also made positive comments about the modern internal features of the apartment. 

Whilst there were several delays along the way, the wait was worth it. We love where we live and are now excited about the next chapter of our lives in our new home. Thank you to Lisa and everyone else involved who has made this possible for us.

Mr and Mrs O – Horizon EAST – Owners

We purchased a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment in 2018. At the time of purchasing the apartment, the Jersey property market was very competitive with prices rising at an extremely fast rate which made it difficult for us to save a 10% deposit. With the help of JDC’s interest free deposit payment scheme, we were able to secure our apartment by committing to an initial 5% deposit and settled the remaining amount over a 2 year period through monthly instalments. The payment plan was incredibly helpful to us and provided the needed foundations for us to step on the property ladder in Jersey. Without this flexibility, our alternative options were to continue renting (with no permanent stability) or to leave Jersey, which we didn’t really want to do as we have built our lives here and have families and friends whom we wish to remain close to.

Miss T – Horizon EAST – Owner

When we first came to view our apartment, we were so pleased by how beautiful and spacious the apartment was. The finishing and fixtures were of a very high standard. We had previously rented in many other new builds in Jersey and always found faults in those complexes, we were really hoping that when we move into Horizon, we would not have to face the same issues. We have lived here for over 5 months and to date we have not had any issues with the apartment. It really feels like home each time we walk through the door and our 2-year-old toddler absolutely loves playing in her room or people watch from the balcony (which is also very spacious).

Thanks to JDC’s deposit payment scheme, we were able to comfortably afford day to day life and simultaneously secure our first home. We are now homeowners and couldn’t have done it without them!

JDC have literally held our hand through the whole process from ‘let’s just pop in to have a look’ through to completion (Their Sales and Marketing Team are very good!)

To be honest they couldn’t have made the process any easier as they pretty much arranged everything. This allowed us to concentrate on more pressing details as choosing the new blinds, furniture, soft furnishings etc.

We placed the initial deposit and awaited completion.

Having lived previously in a similar development I kind of knew what to expect with regards to the workings of the ‘building’. However, the small details at Horizon make a big difference.

The luxurious, solid and soundproofed double-glazed doors to our large balcony which runs the entirety of our apartment prove to provide a quiet and restful home once closed.

The beautiful large floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes in the bedrooms offer plentiful storage whilst still looking sleek. Love the way the doors run too, so smooth!

The apartment itself is very well insulated and as stated before well soundproofed. Lovely to shut your front door to the outside world sometimes.

The fact that the whole building has CCTV makes you feel comfortable and safe. I have had no fear coming home late in the evening on my own. One of my friends compared the internal hallways of Horizon to a 5-star hotel that she had visited recently.   Very impressed.

The aftercare from Groupe Legendre has been outstanding. Polite, professional, and super-efficient. So, refreshing.


Miss S – Horizon EAST – Owner

My experience to date with JDC has been nothing but positive. Throughout the whole process I have felt supported and heard. Lisa was amazing at answering any questions or concerns I had. Everything was very clear and was broken down into achievement steps/goals.

When I first discussed purchasing, I did not feel it would be an option as I was studying full time. However, it was possible as JDC offered an interest free deposit payment scheme. This allowed me to gain my degree and be able to purchase, for which I am very thankful.

Prior to moving to Horizon, I was renting a property that had no outdoor space, very small square foot and was incredibly noisy. It’s been fab purchasing as I now have a large balcony, the spec and standard of finish is fantastic. I feel content and safe here.

Again, this would not have been possible if the scheme was not in place.

I am delighted I am no longer paying someone else’s mortgage and paying my own.  It is a lovely location, with the Marina on my doorstep, it is such a comfort knowing I have my very own first home.

Mr and Mrs  L – Horizon EAST - Owners

We became aware of the development some four years ago and decided to buy off plan.

As my husband travels extensively to Central America, I must thank you and your colleagues as to the assistance we had during different time zones and countries in order to conclude our purchase in such an efficient manner.

In addition, as a first-time buyer I also found the interest free deposit scheme and various other payment schemes for the furnishing of the apartment most helpful.

Indeed again, it was you and your team that guided us through this process.

Whilst we are all aware of the Covid issues and the delay in the completion of the development, I have to say that once we moved in, we were delighted with the finish of the apartments and all the associated services.

In conclusion, due to the service received and finish provided in difficult circumstances I would be more than happy to recommend future Jersey Development Company projects to anyone looking for a home in Jersey.